Who am I?

I think a life is too short to find the answer to this question. However, in terms of professional skills to offer I am someone with 15+ years of engineering experience mainly in the fields of open source. PHP, Javascript/Typescript, Node, React, AWS cloud.

What I like to do..,my passion is

People. Architecture. It makes me feel satisfied when a team becomes impactful yet stays healthy. It is fulfilling to see when a continuously delivered architecture underpins this success.

I am a practicioner. Ideally leading and supporting a team of 6-8 people or smaller, multiple squads of engineers.

Can I help?

If you need someone who can help you build and scale your engineering teams by improving internal/external communication, ways of working, pipelines, observability and the overall engineering experience then do not hestiate to reach out.

Let’s start with booking an introductionary call: click here.