What should you expect from your lead developer?


Coding your application\project\website on a daily bases? Nope. I would expect something much more and valuable.

Pointing people to the right sources and promoting trainings, conferences and anything that helps to keep the knowledge floating. Help team mates to find their best purpose within the team to make them feel important and activate them to use best of their skills.

Lead developer(s) should be responsible to set up the best way per project to manage the code base (Github etc.) and find a strategy to follow. It can be adjusted time to time based on the actual needs.

Setting up a project without CI at least for dev. and test environments is a non-sense and there is no acceptable excuse for this in 2016. It has to be an automated workflow that runs all the tests and deploys the code across your environments. Also need to set up build tools like Gulp, Webpack, Make etc.

Ensure that writing every kind of tests that make sense are part of the daily practice and everyone understands, follows this. Be test first! Be test driven!

Must kick off with some initial coding standards and lint rules.

Should try to find the best place for everyone in the team and also make sure that the project has the right and enough resources attached to it.

Support can determine the quality of your software/services. Your lead developer and its team should aware of bug fixing and bug tracking — setting up principles and tooling is very important.

Finally keep the good thing growing and cut the bullshit. Sounds easy but it is truly hard work!

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