Small but important lessons that I learned in the last 10 years

Do not worry and appreciate
Nothing is perfect. There is no perfect tool set, technology or architecture. There are always nifty bits and you can try to balance out things (you have to).

You need to rest and switch your brain off. Energy in and out. You need to manage this and find your energizing activities. In every piece of work you can do your best (even with the worst legacy system ever) and bring some magic in.

Be rapid and simple – just do it
You have to be able to rapidly craft things together. Theory is really important but you need to do experiments and learn from that rather than just thinking about it.

Simplicity is difficult (almost an art) but you should try do it in every case. Do not design robust architectures, instead create small and smart pieces they work together. Important to put the best of your resources together. Blogs, conferences, Github projects and people that you can learn from. Check your feed at least once per a week.

Do not over plan and architecture. Do not try to cover every aspect.

You need a team. You need people around and feedback constant feedback. What do they like and do not like. Scale up. Train leaders and people take their own part.

Do not keep the knowledge for yourself. Share. Do not afraid to give responsibility away.

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